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Almost all of our tunes and songs are from the 
collections of Samuel Preston Bayard, who traveled throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania in the early to mid-20th century, preserving a musical heritage that otherwise might have been lost.


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 The Saturday Light Brigade
with Larry Berger

Richard and Mark
with Kathy Fallon

April 7, 2018

Get Up in the Cool: Podcast
with Cameron DeWhitt 
and Friends!
Mark Tamsula
and Richard Withers
April 4, 2018






Hall's Old Reel / Losch's Old Reel
2013 CD Up Jumped Joe
In The Middle Of It



Such A Gittin' Upstairs/
Patterson's Hornpipe

2017 Gardner Winter Music Festival
Morgantown, WV


2013 CD Up Jumped Joe
In The Middle Of It


Pretty Sarah
2011 CD release 
Up In The Batten House
Clifftop WV




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